Dedication: A Centennial Story


July 7, 2020


The people, locations, and time-periods included in "Dedication" are so diverse there are many possible topics and audiences. Presentations so far include:

  • Cooperation and Innovation in Building the Seattle, Washington, USA, Branches of Mary Baker Eddy's Church
  • Building the Seattle Branches of Mary Baker Eddy's Church: A History Talk with a Focus on the Pioneering Role of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Seattle
  • The Original "Go-Girl": Violet Dunham and the Launch of the Fourth Church Building Project
  • Fourth Church History at Town Hall Seattle, An Architectural Tour
  • Fourth Church: The Inciting Event and the Members Who Founded It
  • The Founding of the CSO at the UW 
  • Christian Science History: The Seattle-Principia Connection
  • Outreach by the Joint Literature Distribution Committee of 1912
  • A Centennial Perspective: 130 Years of Christian Science Reading Rooms in Seattle
  • Mary Baker Eddy Goes to the Moon: The Century 21 Expo, Apollo 14, and The Christian Science Monitor Microfilm 
  • Black History in Christian Science 
  • The History of Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist, and Its Building 
  • Hot Topics in Christian Science History: Pandemic, Black History, and Going to the Moon

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