Dedication: A Centennial Story


April 14, 2019

A unique Seattle history of spiritual development showing Reverend Mary Baker Eddy's influence in a pioneering city, this podcast is a creative nonfiction narrative about the people who built some of Seattle's most iconic architectural landmarks, and how they did it. You are invited on a 130-year journey, a true story about cooperation, innovation, and transformation. Read by author Cindy Safronoff, each episode is a chapter of the manuscript/review draft for her forthcoming narrative nonfiction book "Dedication: Building the Seattle Branches of Mary Baker Eddy's Church, a Centennial Story." Cindy Safronoff is an independent researcher and author, and the opinions expressed are her own.

Episode schedule: Saturdays and Tuesdays

Typical episode length: 10 to 20 minutes

Number of episodes (chapters in the manuscript): Still to be determined (it's a work in progress). So far there are 50 episodes planned for "Season 1" (Part 1: 1889 to 1929), which is expected to run through October. Beyond that, it depends on a number of factors, including level of interest of listeners, financial support, and how the research and writing is coming together for a possible "Season 2."









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