Dedication: A Centennial Story


February 13, 2020

Source materials used in developing this story include:

  • Internal historical files at Churches of Christ, Scientist in Seattle and vicinity
  • The Christian Science Organization at the University of Washington
  • Christian Science periodicals (Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, and Monitor) in print and digital formats (Found Volumes, The Ark, and JSH-Online)
  • Historical files at arts and civics organization Town Hall Seattle
  • Branch church collections at The Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston, MA
  • The Longyear Museum in Chestnut Hill, MA
  • "Seattle Now & Then" articles on
  • Online encyclopedia of Washington state history,
  • Vital statistics, city directories, and other information from
  • Online historical newspapers (Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle Star, and others)
  • Seattle Public Library, especially the Seattle Room and Special Collections Online
  • University of Washington Libraries, especially Digital Collections
  • Archives West (Northwest Digital Archives)
  • Personal correspondence and oral history interviews

A call for sources and stories

If you have personal connections to one of the featured churches or individuals in this story, and you have information, documents, or photographs to contribute to this ground-breaking research project, please contact Cindy Safronoff. Especially wanted is 1960's era information on:

  • Seattle-related wartime activities (people, projects, places)
  • The Christian Science Pavilion at the Century 21 Expo (1962 World's Fair)
  • The Central District Reading Room (see draft chapter
  • Biennial College Meetings in Boston
  • Christian Science connections with Apollo missions


Opinions expressed in this work are those of the author working as an independent scholar and not necessarily approved or endorsed by any of the organizations who have provided access to their historical files. Appropriate permissions have been obtained as deemed necessary according to best practices in scholarship and US copyright law.

Quotations from The Mary Baker Eddy Library (MBEL) collections and the records of Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist, Seattle are used courtesy of The Mary Baker Eddy Library. Opinions expressed in this Work are those of the author and not necessarily approved or endorsed by The Mary Baker Eddy Collection or The Mary Baker Eddy Library.

Quotations from the Longyear Museum publications and historical documents are indicated as such in the Notes, and are used with permission of Longyear Museum, Chestnut Hill, MA. Opinions expressed in this book are those of the author and not necessarily approved or endorsed  by Longyear Museum.



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