Dedication: A Centennial Story

26. Influence and Inspiration (1918)

June 17, 2020

Mr. Orison “O.J.C.” Dutton, Board Chair and President of Third Church of Christ, Scientist, Seattle, prepares for church building and operates a Christian Science Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Hospitality Club in the midst of world war and 1918 pandemic. Takes place at a rented hall in the University National Bank Building at NE 45th Street and University Way NE and at Dutton’s hospitality club at Fourth Avenue and Pine Street in downtown Seattle. Dr. H. Walton Hubbard gives up his successful medical practice to become a Christian Science practitioner, teacher, and lecturer, following the footsteps of Dr. Francis J. Fluno, Dr. Abraham A. Sulcer, and Dr. John M. Tutt. Christian Scientists work at emergency hospitals at Fort George Wright in Spokane, Washington, the Naval Training Station in Great Lakes, Illinois, Camp Mills Army base in Mineola, New York, Portsmouth Naval Yard in Portsmouth, Virginia. The Christian Science Monitor publishes an editorial opposed to bans on church services. The Des Moines, Iowa, public health committee speaks out in support of Christian Scientists at Camp Dodge. Mr. Harry P. Hitchcock goes to jail in Los Angeles. Ms. Maude M. Greene gains new insights in Mary Baker Eddy's spiritual definition of church. Catholic Rev. Edward J. O'Dea and Presbyterian Rev. Dr. Mark A. Matthews plan open-air church services. The Christian Science Sentinel publishes healings of Spanish flu and mortality rate statistics comparing Christian Science treatment and medical care. At Easter 1919, new Christian Science churches are dedicated in Rockford, Illinois, and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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