Dedication: A Centennial Story

43. Art Glass (1922)

September 14, 2019

Mr. George F. Dunham visits the Dannenhoffer Glass Works factory in Brooklyn, New York, summer of 1922. Mr. David L. Povey crafts windows for Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist, Seattle. United States President Warren G. Harding passes through Seattle. Mr. Harold Weeks composes "Seattle Town." Mr. Charles I. Ohrenstein lectures in the newly opened auditorium at Eighth Avenue and Seneca Street just after the grand opening Sunday, September 23, 1923.

Music credit: "Hindustan" composed by Harold Weeks, from album "Double Trio Always" by Paolo Alderighi and Stephanie Trick. ( Used with permission. ; Quote from "Seattle Town" by Harold Weeks, courtesy Music Library Special Collections, University of Washington Libraries.

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